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High quality and high standard measuring instrument technology

Since then, the name "LUDWIG" has been derived from the development of high-quality temperature measurement instruments. Today, we are a globally renowned manufacturer of high-precision pressure, temperature, liquid level, level, flow, and density measurement technologies. We provide a full range of on-site measurement instrument products and modern certified calibration laboratories with high standards, providing our global customers with comprehensive and thoughtful services.

The temperature, pressure, liquid level, material level, flow and density measuring instruments produced by LUDWIG are widely used around the world. The high accuracy of our instruments has won the trust of many companies. In order to meet more needs of customers, we work closely with customers and suppliers to create higher standard solutions. Whether now or in the future, LUDWIG will be committed to providing better technology and cost-effective products.

Precision from tradition and innovation

In the early stages, the company founder began developing thermometers. Due to its exquisite craftsmanship and rich development ideas, many high-quality instruments were produced for leading industrial companies and research institutions at that time. Many world-class products have established a good reputation for LUDWIG in the industrial and research fields. Nowadays, more and more customers highly trust LUDWIG's high-precision measuring instruments.

The modern production facilities and further development of the company have laid the foundation. Even today, the accurate measurement of instruments is one of the most important tasks in Metrology. In recent decades, especially in environmental protection, energy supply, and industrial production.

The production of high-precision instruments for temperature, pressure, liquid level, material level, flow rate, and density measurement has always been the goal pursued by LUDWIG.


Quality AssuranceEnsure product quality according to DIN/EN/ISO 17025 standard

To ensure product quality according to DIN/EN/ISO 17025 standard, quality can be measured for us. Our employees act in accordance with the integrated quality management system. This ensures the safety of the company's processes, thus providing the quality assurance of "Made in Germany" for the business partners of LUDWIG Schneider. We provide factory test certificates or traceable DAkkS calibration certificates for almost all products.

Since November 2013, we have also been certified as an AEO-F authorized economic operator. This means that we can also enjoy special privileges in customs clearance.

AEO-F- to grant authorization

Sustainably shape our future

We are committed to sustainable development in a very special way and are responsible for our future and our future generations.
As a part of sustainable development management, we have introduced a series of measures and guidelines as a guide for us and our business partners to implement sustainable development practices.

Environmental friendly materials for packaging

We only use biodegradable foamed polystyrene (EPS) as the filler of transport packaging, and 100% has been recycled. This filler can be recycled or reused. Once the product comes into contact with microorganisms in water, soil or waste, it will biodegrade without leaving harmful residues.

In order to ensure that our glass thermometer is delivered to customers in good condition, we use a sturdy sleeve made of 100% recycled plastic. These can also be reused, and their size can be modified. Therefore, the application possibility of sleeve is almost unlimited.

Avoid using plastic in daily office life

Our plastic delivery slip bags have been replaced by delivery slip bags made of recycled paper.

Reduce paper consumption

We have introduced a digital document management system in 2016, reducing paper consumption by 90%. Reducing paper consumption can not only protect the number of trees in our area, but also protect water resources and produce energy. It takes an average of 10 liters of water to produce a piece of paper. In addition, it takes as much energy to produce a ton of paper as it does to produce a ton of steel.

Manufacture of glass thermometer

Our thermometers are mainly made of sustainable glass. This material is almost entirely made of natural raw materials, which are abundant in nature and can be exploited in large quantities in Germany. Glass is also 100% recyclable and can be reused for countless times without any quality loss.

The future is mercury free

However, we hope not only to improve the existing situation, but also to promote sustainable development in the future. This is why we provide ASTM and precision thermometers with mercury free ACCU safety packing. In this way, we not only responded to the EU's directive on the use of mercury in measuring instruments, but also made a decisive contribution to environmental protection.

The future is in our hands

For the future, we hope to further expand our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability on a small and large scale, so as to contribute to shaping a common sustainable future.

Association Member
  • DIN Working Group

    The DIN Standards Committee for Laboratory Equipment and Facilities (FNLa) sets standards for equipment and facilities in chemical, physical, biological and medical laboratories.

    By actively participating in the Instrument Standards Committee, we enable technology and innovation to be successfully established in the market and create framework conditions, goals and quality standards for enterprise acti11:55 2024-02-20on.

  • ASTM sub commitment tee E20.05

    ASTM International is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of internationally voluntary consensus standards. Through more than 150 technical standards writing committees, people with common interests have provided a forum to write standards for materials, products, systems and services on a common basis.

    By joining the Instrument Committee, we ensure compliance with the standards and specifications established by ASTM.

  • Nursing and Laboratory Supplies Wholesale and Foreign Trade Association

    VGKL regards itself as a platform for dealers and manufacturers, representing about 140 companies active in the laboratory field. As members, we benefit from direct exchanges with each other.

AMA Sensor and Measurement Association
AMA is a leading network of sensors and measurement technologies, providing an overview of sensors, measurement and test technologies and detailed industry guidelines. The Association supports innovative dialogue at the major trade fairs SENSOR+TEST, joint booths of major trade fairs at home and abroad, and Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI)
Through membership, we support a strong community and establish connections with other innovators.

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