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The temperature and pressure measuring instruments manufactured by LUDWIG have been used in various fields of the power industry, from large power plants (thermal power, nuclear power and hydropower) to peak shaving power plants (such as steam turbine power plants), and decentralized systems (thermal power plants, wind power plants and biogas power plants). At the same time, the measurement technology can meet the requirements of different application fields. For more than 60 years,  LUDWIG has been a partner in the world's power engineering. More than 500 experienced sales representatives provide customers with consistent expertise anytime, anywhere.

Our strength

Under the advanced standardized pressure and temperature measuring instrument product system of LUDWIG, we have developed accurate measurement technology and customized services for customers, and we can provide appropriate solutions for customers' measurement needs. In the process of precise cooperation with the R&D department of our business partners, we have developed special measuring instruments that can meet the requirements of high standards.

Bypass level indicator on low-pressure preheater or feedwater tank

In the interworking bypass chamber installed on the side of the vessel, a float will move with the liquid level of the measured medium. The magnetic field of the radial symmetric magnetic system placed in the float at the submergence depth will drive the magnetic roller indicator, switch and measuring element installed outside the bypass chamber. This mature measurement system can also be further combined with independent measurement methods, such as guided wave radar system, reed measuring chain or limit switch. Therefore, for independent measurement, only two process connections are required, and complete redundancy can be achieved in the measurement, and visual liquid level measurement can be achieved at any time.

Wind power generator

All moving parts of wind turbine need reliable lubrication. The lubricating oil pressure is monitored by the sensor or pressure switch, and the lubricating oil level and temperature are also monitored by the sensor. The adjustment of the fan blades, the alignment of the console with the wind direction, and some safety functions, such as disc braking or bolt maintenance, are all hydraulically driven by the hydraulic power unit. Although the temperature at the top of the wind farm is usually very low, the waste heat generated by generators and power electronic equipment still needs air conditioning to cool down. LUDWIG can provide temperature sensors for indoor temperature measurement and cooling device control.

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