Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website and thank you for your attention to our company. We attach great importance to protecting your personal data, and we will process your data according to the applicable legal provisions of personal data protection. With the help of this privacy statement, we fully inform you of the processing of your personal data and your rights by LUDWIG Automation Instrument (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Personal data refers to information that can identify natural persons. This specifically includes your name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, but also your IP address. If a personal reference to a user cannot be established, anonymous data exists.


1. Responsibility subject
2. Data protection personnel and data protection organizations
3. Range
4. Your rights as a data subject
5. General data processing
6. Process your data on this website
7. Process your data in our online store
8. Wika client software processes your data
9. Processing data in enterprise software
10. Related data of online work application
11. Process your communication data
12. Process your data about the webinar
13. Data related to customer satisfaction survey
14. When you visit https://www.ludwig-schneider.com.cn Process your data when
15. Processing your data outside the service scope

1.Responsible subject

address LUDWIG Automation Instrument (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd
Room 101, No. 4, Bailan Second Street, Jinzhong Heng Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Contact Information website:https://www.ludwig-schneider.com.cn


This privacy statement is applicable to the processing listed below, not to the processing of personal data within the employment relationship.

3.Your rights as a data subject

First of all, we tell you that as a data subject, your rights include:
• The right to withdraw consent,
• Delete right,
You may request the deletion of your personal data, unless this conflicts with any law or our primary interests.
• The right to correct. You can request to correct the data we have stored about you.
• Inspection right,
• The right to know,
• The right to require explanation,
• Restrict data processing rights,
• The right to object to data processing.  
• To claim these rights, please contact our data protection coordination organization. If you have any questions about our company's data processing, we will be happy to answer them. If you are already a customer, supplier, employee or former employee of Ludwig, you are also welcome to contact known contacts. For example, if you want to notify us that your contact information has changed, you can contact known contacts. In any case, you have the right to complain to the regulatory authority about data protection matters. Right to oppose direct advertising If you object to data processing for direct advertising purposes, we will no longer process your personal data for these purposes. This objection may be raised informally at any time at no cost, except for transmission costs based on the base rate. If possible, please lw@ludwig-schneider.com.cn Contact.

4.General data processing

Data is generally collected from web-based applications and services
To ensure the security, availability and quality of web-based services such as websites, online stores and customer portals, we process the following data:
• Internet Service Provider Name
• Information about your visit to our website
• Use of web browser and operating system
• IP address assigned by Internet service provider (in anonymous form)
• Request file, amount of data transferred, download/export file
• Information about the pages you visit on our website, including date and time
The processing time of this data is two years. Automated case decisions We do not use any purely automated processes to make decisions.
Processing purpose Regardless of the purpose of personal processing described to you in detail below, we reserve the right to process data if it is absolutely necessary to claim, exercise or defend legal claims, and no legal provisions can prevent us from doing so. Personal Data Disclosure Generally, we will not disclose your personal data to a third party. If you need to process your request, perform the contract or implement the measures agreed before the contract, based on your consent, the data will be transferred within Ludwig Group. Based on your consent, we have signed a contract with the selected service providers for some processing situations, and these service providers have undertaken the obligations of data protection according to the provisions of the contract. In addition, we may inevitably be required by law or official orders to perform corresponding disclosure obligations.

5.Process your data on this website

Cookie Our website uses cookies in many places. These are small text files that will be stored on the computer (local hard disk) by the browser. You can agree to use cookies ("Cookie Banner") through the management system settings. The cookie regulations that will be used are explained in detail here. You can revoke this consent at any time by deleting the cookie and then setting or rejecting the cookie as you wish.
We use cookies to make our services more humane, effective and secure. In addition, we use cookies because it allows us to analyze how users will use our website, so that we can customize content according to users' needs. Cookies can also evaluate the effectiveness of a specific advertisement, and show us the best location for the advertisement according to the topics that users are interested in.
Most of the cookies we use are so-called "session cookies". These will be deleted automatically after you visit. Persistent cookies are automatically deleted from the computer when they are deleted by themselves at or before the expiration date. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can usually change the settings in the browser. Please note: If you disable the cookie settings, the functionality of our website may no longer be fully available. Links to other providers Our website also includes links to other company websites. If there is a link to the website of other providers, we will not affect the content of the website and the handling of personal data by the website owner. Therefore, we will not be responsible or liable for the content of any of these jump websites. The providers or operators of these websites are always responsible for the content and effective privacy statement of these websites.
When we linked, we checked whether the linked website had any possible infringement and identifiable infringement of rights, which was not obvious at that time. However, it is unreasonable to continuously control the content of linked websites without any specific evidence of violation of the law. Once the violation becomes obvious, we will delete such links in a timely manner.

6.Process your data in our online store

We will only process the data you provide in the order to execute or process the contract, unless you agree to further use your personal data or we have a legal obligation to do so.
According to the principle of data economy and data avoidance, you only need to provide us with the data needed to perform the contract or fulfill the contractual obligations (i.e., your job title, first name, last name, company, department, VAT identification number, address, country, telephone number, e-mail address) and the payment data needed based on the selected payment method. Of course, you can enter more data if you want. Moreover, your IP address needs to be handled for technical reasons and legal protection. Without these data, we will have to reject the signing of the contract because we will not be able to execute the contract. We may have to terminate any existing contracts.

7.Custom Service

We provide website visitors with the opportunity to submit job applications to us (for example, submit online job application forms via email or mail service). Next, we will briefly introduce the scope, purpose, purpose and application process of the personal data you collect. We assure you that the collection, processing and use of your data will comply with the applicable data privacy rights and all other statutory requirements, and your data will always be treated as strictly confidential.

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