Industrial applications

Municipal water supply

The pressure measuring instruments produced by  LUDWIG are used in various fields of municipal water supply: production and preparation of drinking water and sanitary water with raw water, as well as water storage and distribution.

Municipal sewage treatment

We provide mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments and immersion pressure transmitters of different standard models, among which the measuring instruments can be used in various fields of municipal sewage treatment, such as overflow, rainwater retention and aeration tank, sedimentation tank, drag system, filter press, cooking tower and compressed air supply system. We will help you make the right choice.

Rainwater overflow tank

The rainwater overflow pool protects the sewage system from strong precipitation.
They store excess sediment water until the weather dries, and then gradually pump it into the sewage system. In order to pump water smoothly, the water level in the pool must be continuously monitored. The submersible pressure transmitter ensures reliable liquid level control. Their measuring signals support the regulation of water level to prevent dry running of pumps and overflow of water tanks. Therefore, it can prevent significant damage to the pump station or around the watershed.
The design of submersible pressure transmitter ensures that the cable and cable inlet have high vertical and horizontal water resistance, so the service life is long. Even if they are underwater for many years, no water will enter the probe.

Sewage pump station

The pump controls the heartbeat of many processes in the wastewater system. The important switching point at the edge is the wastewater pump station or lift pump. In Berlin, 150 such stations are in operation. They raise the collected wastewater to a certain level so that it can flow down naturally or flow into the sewage treatment plant through pressure pipes. In addition to accurate liquid level measurement through submersible pressure transmitter, permanent temperature measurement can also prevent pump failure due to idling. For this purpose, use a resistance thermometer specially designed to measure the bearing temperature. The integrated transmitter improves the ability to safely and reliably transmit measurement signals to the control room.

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