Industrial applications

Ability to accept challenges

The chemical industry has stricter requirements for measuring instruments used in production processes, such as international standards PED and ATEX. Electronic and mechanical measurement of pressure and temperature can be used in many fields of chemical industry and areas with explosion risk. Our products can be operated freely no matter what the operating environment.

Material Science

The standard materials used in chemical engineering production shall be stainless steel, and the widely used materials are 316L and 1.4404/1.4435. High strength stainless steel is used in high-pressure measurement; High temperature resistant stainless steel for pressure measurement at high temperatures. In the chemical process containing highly corrosive media, diaphragm seals and membrane pressure gauges shall be used for pressure measurement as isolation components, or thermoelectric thermometers shall be used to measure temperature. A variety of chemical resistant materials can be provided to meet the special requirements of the measurement environment. In these cases, all parts in contact with the fluid are made of special materials.

Gas holder

Gas holder Gas holder is used for fire protection. The cylinder contains inert, non reactive and non-toxic gases. Various configurations of gas holders are available on the market, such as 1-cylinder, 2-cylinder and 3-cylinder designs (or based on company configurations). They can be new, second-hand or refurbished.
Gas holder can have different functions according to specific gas. These functions include gas sensor, nozzle, overflow sensor, automatic operation with automatic purging and overpressure sensor. The connection between the gas holder and the power distribution system and the valve specifications are important for selecting the correct measuring and transmission instruments.

Valve with integrated pressure regulator (VIPR)

LUDWIG cooperates with many well-known valve and regulator manufacturers. As time goes by, the design of regulators becomes more and more complex to ensure better protection and better use of measuring instruments. This led to the development of measuring instruments directly integrated in the valve (VIPR=valve with integrated pressure regulator). At first it was mechanical, and then it was electromechanical/electronic instrument. The task of the measuring instrument in such regulators is to indicate the pressure in the gas container and supply line. The modern electronic version can indicate the remaining service time, gas flow rate and liquid level, and alarm and wireless communication when the gas content is low.

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