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LUDWIG can provide instrument solutions and services related to pressure, temperature, liquid level and flow measurement for companies in the field of general machinery manufacturing. Through long-term close cooperation with machinery manufacturing companies in different industries, we have fully grasped the specific daily working conditions in the industry. LUDWIG instrument covers a wide range and has enough depth to provide customers with a variety of excellent measurement solutions for their choice. Therefore, parts manufacturers and machine and device manufacturers can find solutions for their special needs in the following areas.

Rugged and durable, suitable for harsh conditions

When using construction machinery, it will encounter various harsh and changeable working conditions, such as impact and vibration, dust and mud, dryness and humidity, extreme heat and cold, electromagnetic fluctuations, etc. Even under the above severe working conditions, the machine still needs to keep reliable operation. LUDWIG products have many advantages (such as advanced measurement technology, high-quality material selection, exquisite production technology, durability, etc.), which can meet various application requirements of construction machinery under severe working conditions. These products have excellent shock and vibration resistance, are not affected by temperature fluctuations, have high IP protection level and meet EMC compatibility.

Plastic machinery

For injection molding machines, accurate pressure measurement is very important for correct clamping force of the mold. The "bigger is better" approach is not applicable here. Excessive pressure will deform the mold and the molded parts will deform accordingly. If the pressure is too low, the mold will not be fully closed, the melt will force the cavities to separate from each other, and burrs will appear on the product. In addition to the machine itself, each plastic machine also includes various peripherals. Before feeding (funnel), particles shall be prepared, dedusted and dried. Any particles and moisture will cause product defects. LUDWIG measuring instruments are accurate, reliable and durable, which will help to produce high-quality plastic products.

Machine tool

Machine tool is the general name of lathe, drilling machine, milling machine, press, punch, laser processing machine or high-pressure water jet cutting machine. LUDWIG learned about the challenges of various machine tools from the experience of metal workers. The combination of development and pre production enables our products to perform the measurement task of machine tools excellently. Suitable measuring instruments and positioning can be selected according to the experience of LUDWIG.
Except for the machine itself, all machine tools include oil hydraulic devices (for example, for generating clamp pressure), lubrication systems (for lubricating bearings and drives), and cooling lubrication systems (for machine cooling).

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