Industrial applications

Sanitary instrument

For food processing, consumers are most concerned about food safety. In the production of food and beverage, in order to avoid microbial contamination of the product, all parts in contact with the product need to adopt hygienic design to ensure product quality. As a part of the equipment hygiene concept, the measuring instruments used in production must meet the special requirements of CIP process on materials, surface quality, process safety, connection engineering and cleaning.

Process connector

LUDWIG provides a full range of measuring instruments, and these instruments are equipped with process connectors designated by the manufacturer (widely used in the industry), such as DIN 11851 threaded connector, DIN 32676 clamp, connecting clip conforming to ISO 2852 and ASME BPE standards, DIN 11864 sterile connector, NEUMO ®、 VARIVENT ® And other sterile connectors.

Medical gas

Whether in emergency room, operating room, intensive care unit, hospital ward or ambulance: medical gas is widely used in hospitals. There are many kinds of medical gases: medical air, carbon dioxide (CO2), helium (He), nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen (N2), nitric oxide (NO), oxygen (O2), xenon. To ensure the smooth supply and distribution of gas, measuring instruments are installed on gas storage tanks or cylinders, valve manifolds, pressure controllers, and shutdown control cabinets as secondary regulators of gas distribution systems and user stations. For vacuum monitoring, use a pressure gauge. Our customers in this field are natural gas companies, medical equipment manufacturers and medical application pressure reducer manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical water

The pharmaceutical industry has a particularly high standard for treated water. As it is used as the basic material of drugs, it must meet the requirements of high quality. Therefore, high efforts are required in the manufacturing and control of the raw materials. A special challenge is the production of water for injection (WFI), so it is the production of water for drugs for parenteral use, because these materials are directly injected into the body.
Except for the machine itself, all machine tools include oil hydraulic devices (for example, for generating clamp pressure), lubrication systems (for lubricating bearings and drives), and cooling lubrication systems (for machine cooling). The quality of raw water as raw material varies greatly and fluctuates greatly. As a result, plants must be adapted to local conditions in order to consistently produce high-quality products. The required quality and process parameters must be permanently monitored through specific measurement techniques and analysis.

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